Thursday, July 12, 2012

Motion Graphics


I been getting an urge to learn motion graphics. I been also been fascinated by motion graphics. Loved watching the opening of movies where they animated logos and the titles. Now i might take motion graphic serious. Prologue Films were a big inspirations, they make one of the best opening title sequences around. After Effects feels very complex right now but i know i can get a hang of it if i keep playing around with it and watch tutorials.

Today i made a 1 second clip which is very short, i planning to do a like a 5 second logo animation but i just came out of ideas. I'm surprised on how many motion graphic designers put so much details on stuff that is shown for like 2 seconds, but it does make that 2 seconds full of eye candy. I hope i can achieve that .

1 second video animation: 

logo test from BAO on Vimeo.

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