Friday, November 30, 2012

c4d holograms

my first c4d project. It was a fun little project. 
So my plan was to design street signs that would be in a downtown urban futuristic city. I kind of got the idea off a lot of movies that used holograms and thought to myself "those hologram would make kick ass street signs". Instead of seeing neon signs you see these holograms. 

Had to learn a lot of simple crap in c4d. Basic modelling, making material transparent, lighting, etc. Spent night just watching gsg and youtube videos. 

I learned a lot during this project. Feels good working with 3d now. My next project going to involve 3d as well :) 

Hopefully a couple of more personal project will lead me to a real job. 
also cleaned up more portfolio a bit, just removed my old crap that i wasnt feeling anymore.